Roop Niwas Kothi

Welcome to Roop Niwas Kothi, Nawalgarh Founded in 1737 A.D by Thakur Nawal Singhji the warrior statesman whose renown is enshrined in history and folklore, the town of NAWALGARH boasts of the largest number of havelis in comparison to any other town in Shekhawati. Some of these havelis (A mansion with a central courtyard) are more than 300 years old and with their facades adorned with colorful frescos depicting the whole gamut of the social and religious life, they are a major tourist attraction. Roop Niwas was originally built as a country house on 150 acres land, which was mainly used for stabling and grazing the familyís favourite horses. With its beautiful and lush surroundings the country house soon become the permanent residence (KOTHI) of the royal family.

Rawal Madan Singhji the scion of the erstwhile estate of Nawalgarh gave a complete makeover to Roop Niwas in 1928. His distinctive sense of architecture and flare for contemporary lifestyle made this edifice one its kind in the whole of Shekhawati. Rawal Devendra Singh the successor of Rawal Madan Singhji opened his ancestral home for the guests in 1981, without altering much of the original setting. Since then the ROOP NIWAS KOTHI HOTEL has the distinction of hosting number of dignitaries from across the world.

ROOP NIWAS KOTHI HOTEL is not only an ideal base to see the havelis and explore the colourful bazaars but staying here is an unique experience in itself as within the hotel, with its serene atmosphere and old world charm you will find yourself living the slow pace of the times long gone and when you step out you will witness the frenzied pace of life where the small town of Nawalgarh is running to keep pace with the rest of India, its frescoed havelis standing proudly in the background, reluctant to let go of the past.

We welcome you to ROOP NIWAS KOTHI HOTEL, to get a feel of the times of yore, to let yourself unravel in the peaceful ambience and to experience the true essence of Rajasthanís hospitality.