Nawalgarh is situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, famous for its ancient temples, castles and forts. The many architectural delights scattered throughout the area speak of the regions’ rich history. So whether you want to enjoy an adventure on horseback; bike to explore the surrounding environs; trek to a sand dune to watch the sunset or sunrise; or stroll through the beautiful towns of Shekhawati, there are many activities to choose from in and around Nawalgarh.

The town of Nawalgarh itself boasts of the largest number of painted havelis (mansions) in Shekhawati, some of which have been preserved as private museums. It exudes an old world charm with its colourful, bustling bazaar, and its winding, narrow lanes leading to mansions covered with frescoes that depict the gamut of social and religious life of a bygone era. You’ll enjoy meandering along the market lanes buzzing with the everyday life and activity, indulge in buying a handmade Jutti (leather footwear) or the famous Lac bangles made of Lacquer and adorned with beads, stones, crystals and other embellishments, or just wandering past the preserved havelis. To make the most of your stay at Roop Niwas Kothi. Please ask our team for advice catering to your choice of activity, or to customize your visits and activities in the town.



Haveli played a great cultural reform for all the towns in Shekhawati it was a exhibition of wealth by the local merchants who would travel far to big cities for business and on return built and ornate there homes with real gold and silver paint to show there success. Each town in Shekhawati has its own famous havelis popularly known by the merchants surname. These are few of the havelis chosen by us in Nawalgarh.

Podar Haveli

Baghato Ke Haveli


Explore the architectural delight of the Ancient Stepwell

Stepwell had a great significance in the olden times specially in the desert regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. A stepwell ensured the availability of water during periods of drought. They had social, religious and cultural significance, these large wells or ponds date back to 11th to 16th century. The stepwell plays a major role in the architectural significance of the area there by exhibiting the use of technique and ease for mass in general. This stepwell is located in the town of Fatehpur 50 kms from Nawalgarh. Drive followed by tea while watching the sunset, enhances the beauty of the area.


Famous Temples

The most promising buildings in the town are those of the temples apart from there religious significance these just not symbolise faith but also depict art and culture in its full form. Usually located in the centre of the town easily accessible while walking around the town market

Gopinathji Temple

Built in 1737 A.D by the founder of Nawalgarh Thakur Nawal Singh the warrior statesman whose renown is enshrined in history and folklore. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna the care taker of all forms in this world according to the Hindu mythology.


Kalyanji Temple : Built in 1773 A.D by Thankur Nawal Singh


Forts & Castles of Shekhawati

The best way to take this tour is by visiting both the locations together, where by enjoying the grand castle and forts of the area. These have specifically been chosen for there serene and quite location with a combination of simplicity and grandeur and the welcoming nature of the family running it.

Dundload Fort

The Dundlod fort is 7 kms away from Nawalgarh town
Naryan Niwas Castle, Mahensar
The castle is situated in the town of Mahensar which is 70 kms from Nawalgarh. The total population of the town is 10,000 people. Fantastic drive to this secluded town and family run property where each guest is welcomed by the family living there.
The drive to Mahensar is very picturesque, surrounded by dunes as far as the eyes take. The town is also famous for its one of its kind Haveli, painted with real gold and silver colour, narration of the most famous epic “Ramayan” described with colours and pictures showcases the fine art of the region.