There are three predominant breeds of Indian horses in north west India namely the Marwari, Kathiawadi and Sindhi. The Kathiawadi comes from desert tract of our neighbouring state Gujrat called Kathiawar. Most areas where the SINDHI breeds are found have now gone in the SINDH Province of Pakistan. The Marwar region (erstwhile Jodhpur State) of Rajasthan has been the home of the Marwari breed. Traditional rulers of the Marwar region adhered to strict breeding that promoted purity and hardiness by the beginning of 12th century. Marwari is known for its inward turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colours. Noted for its loyalty and hardiness. The passion for Marwari horses in the family led to revive the breed, thus a proper breeding stable was established two decades back. In our stables we have mainly the Marwari horses and a few Kathiawari and Sindhi horses. The Marwaris were the traditional battle horses of Rajputana.